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The seismic logfiles - some DJ-feedbacks

  • "A pick´n´mix bag of finest (lava) rock candy. Upfront yet introspective at the same time, aptly dangerous as in the D. Denker RMX, or more playfuly space disco as in the Bob Humid RMX. The lush tabla programming kicks a** too, will definetly get erupted during my sets!" [DJ Pavi - Alchemy Records UK]


  • "Some of the rare believers of non-minimalism in Cologne prove again that soundrack scores and twisted rhythm structures are not a bad word in 2012. Excellent nautic work with sunken treasures to explore in a subtle horrifying framework of neofuturistic machines." [Turgut Kocer, Label Manager at Shhhh Rec.]


  • "Productionwise this is a top notch release. The unpronouncable main-title oscilates between playfulness and dancefloor-functionality. Standard & Poors provide an AAA and one is ashamed not to have bought a new subwoofer." [Chris, Aentitainment]


  • Bob Humid's RMX blows itself into your ear-canals like nothing comparable. It will reside in your head and mutate into a sonic imagery where Sabre-tooth tigers fight with Zombies. Amazing!" [Snork (BassCadets)]


  • “The one and only auralcinematographic-wizard has returned from his journey to the centre of the modern dub, which naturally, like most good stories, is connected to an icelandic volcano. - What strangeness emerges … How rurals dance urbans watchcraft down and vice-versa like neverknowing everwise machineheads to burn their souls tempered thru ice … Beats that shiver within sparkling vaults, dub steps down even deeper into new dimensions … The lord of echo-chambers with the unique bass instinct connects the microtonal dots to the max and gets down for physical disturbance, rewarded for perseverance.
    Remixes do great and idiosyncratic work'n justice, but the original is simply stunning!” [Marcus Maida / Hotel Discipline]


  • Reached No.4 in Mathias Schaffhaeuser’s [WARE] February-DJ-Charts


  • Featured by Uh-Young Kim (Spex, WDR) at “Massiv” (Germany) Radioshow




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